Tlove You More Than Anyone!

I miss those days when we would lie on our backs all night and play and laugh and then snuggle and sleep. So much inoscence withought sex and stuff in the way. Plain brotherly love. Since she found a boyfriend there hasn't been a day like that. I dont whine about it to her but it hurts me so much, so so so much and I thought it would slowly go away but it seems to only get worce everytime i sleep alone and see something on tv and can't turn my head and make that comment. She's grown up quickly my sweet sister and i wish her the very best. If I know that that day was gonna be the last day we would spend together I would have taken advantage of it so much better. I miss your presence sister. Take care whatever you do on your life, wherever you go. I hope everyone loves you as much as I do.
Theanonymuswimp Theanonymuswimp
Sep 10, 2012