I Miss Her Smile.

I miss my sister, she was 23 when she was murdered by her boyfriend. she left behind three kids (not the boyfriends). A vaguely complicated story comes down to the kids were mostly living with me and my mom while she lived life. She ran off on my mom's birthday. She was so afraid that mom was going to throw her out of the house because she boke off the mirror on my mom's passenger side car door. The look on her face haunts me to this day, as she was so desprately trying to get my attention so that she could find the mirror and have that little peace of mind. But no, i looked away, stared at my computer screen screaming at her to back off and take care of her own problems. I, then, couldn't be bothered with her. So, she ran off. She got in contact with us a week later, so she could stop by and see her kids, give them whatever they needed. this worked for about four months, to the day. Late that night, four months after my sister ran off, my older sister and my mom were watching the news (unusual for them), when they caught a story of a young woman's body found in Oakland. My older sister called the coroner to confirm. The body had the name of my nephew on the right shoulder. ... six months later, they finally charged the boyfriend for murder, before that it was just an illegal weapons charge. I thank my step-uncle for the pressure he put on the investigators to get that result. Still, now, whenever i get a moment of relative peace (i now take care of her children) i can't stop thinking about her face, so upset, begging me to help her find my mom's car door mirror. ...I miss her so much i would gladly step back in time and help her find that stupid mirror, even if it was the only mistake that i could fix (and i've made a lot), that would be it. Just to get her out of harms way, before she met him. Just so i can call her up and rant. Give her a hug. Tell her that everything will be just fine. ..now i can't. I just sit here and cry and wish the impossible.

genuinebagel genuinebagel
Feb 17, 2009