(be prepared to be confused.....my fingers type faster then my brain, and this is more for my self to get it out my own way. not make sense for you)

My sister and I growing up, did everything together. We were like twins. cept, we were 21 months apart. as middle school hit, we BOTH changed. But for her....her change was hmmm. well i can sum it all up by saying my sister is bipolar and beyond the meanest person ever. she wont take her meds. and shes not totally mean or snapish all the time....but damn...

She never used to be this bad. She knows exactly what to say or do for it to hit me right in the heart and make me feel like I was shot. When I was 18 years old i moved out. and for that deed, it seems like she is emotionally trying to make me pay for that. she says (well we talked about it about 2 years ago) that i left her behind. she holds everything in the past as if it happened in the present. she cant let it go.

this past august, i lived with her for about 3 weeks. (LONG story) she said she would help me out blah blah. now this house.....my parents own, but her and MY name is on this deed. so i lived with her.....at the end of the 3 weeks she kicked me out because i couldnt find a job to pay for half of the next months bills. oh......i was told the other reason was because i didnt do the dishes after every meal either.

well, after that i was done. how could a person, your own flesh and blood for that matter kick out their own sister! and their niece, give them 24 hours to find a place to live??? and not even understand why I would be HURT and upset over that? ive let the anger feelings go over all this. Its her loss. but I do miss her, the old her.  i dont have alot of friends, or family near for the matter. she should be my best friend.....i thought.....


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=) thanks breeze. one day i hope too!