I Miss My Sister

I miss my big sister more then words can explain..I can't stand to see what she has become.The mirror image of our mother.Betty drinks everyday now.She's been arrested a couple of times.The girl who use to love everyone now goes out of her way to cause harm to others.I hate this stranger that took my sister from me.I don't know who she is anymore.Everytime I reach out to help her..I get burned. She even tore my family apart when she proudly stated that she had slept with my husband.I was shocked and hurt. I was supporting her at the time (emotionally and financially) because she had split up with her husband..only for her to throw that in my face. I was devastated and my marriage did not survive..My children are now from a broken home..I never wanted them to experience the pain of divorce.I forgave her but she continues to hurt me for no reason.Our mother is very toxic.I believe she has NPD.I think my sister does this to please our mother.Betty often gets me to confide in her and then my mother calls and tells me my sister told her and then she makes fun of me.I think I'm starting to realize the sister I love is gone and she's not comeing back.I had to cut ties to protect myself.I never knew what drama she or my mother would cause next...I'll always love the little girl my sister use to be..and I'll miss her till the day I die..

yvonne35 yvonne35
31-35, F
Feb 28, 2010