My Marine Is My World

I met my boyfriend over a year ago and I just found out he's deploying to Afghanistan in January. No news is good news when it has the word deployment in it. It's been constant bickering between us and I get upset and he doesn't really get it. I know he's trying to be supportive but he doesn't really know how. Doesn't really help I go to school in PA and he's stationed in NC. I'm sure lots of you strong women have been through similar things; I'd love to find out how to deal with this! :) All in all though, I am a proud military girlfriend and I love him to death! :)
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1 Response Jul 14, 2010

The first weeks of deployment are the hardest. It's getting easier after some time. You just have to keep busy while he's gone and always keep in your mind that he will come back and time will go by. I'm sure he will miss you as much as you will miss him. That's what will keep you guys together. It's a test for love and if you really love each other and are meant for each other then you guys can do it. Stay strong and support him! Good luck :)