I Just Want Him Back :(

He got delayed again :/

Now he is not going to make it back for the trip we've planned with all of our friends. This is so awful. I hate this I am just so ready for him to be home. they keep pushing it back and I know its not his fault but it still super sucks!!! I can tell he's ready to come home and I ready for him to be home more than ever. This is so stressful and I just wanna break down and cry.

And I don't know if I should go on the trip. His return date is in the middle of the trip and if I'm there I won't be able to see him if he comes in. I will be miserable knowing that my man is back and not being able to see him :/

I don't know what to do. His dad keeps saying that its all a PR thing but my man told me himself his date got pushed back :/ This is so upsetting and frustrating.
rowergurl rowergurl
18-21, F
Oct 7, 2011