He Dont Think He Make It Home Alive !!!!!

Im having a hard time right now and need to talk to someone .Before my boyfriend deployment he was freaking out saying he might make it home alive and he finally got calm down .Since he beent here he would always text me and stuff and I dident think anything was wrong now he send me a text of he might not make it home and how I should have a better boyfriend .Any adivce you can give me becuase I never delt with this please I need someone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thanks and if you need someone to talk to im here to .I was having a hard time trying to find someone who understand or can help me throw this .Im trying to stay strong but its hard sometimes .Someday its my good days other day its bad days just like everyone else.Its nice to talk to someone who boyfriend over there to and can realted to my sistation .Im trying to stay busy and I hate having that thought something could happend but its the military life and deployment for you its something we have to deal with .I talk to my boyfriend throw text messages so its nice but sometimes I talk to him all the time but lalty not much becuase he stressed and everything .Thanks for talking .

Hello there! I may not be any help but it's good to hear from some one. My boyfriend is in Afghanistan right now. I'm a new army girlfriend. But we talk every night on Facebook messager. I just tell him to stay safe and he has me to come home too. I keep his mind busy with what I have done today and tell him my plans for tomorrow. Stay strong for your solider! I do for my. I know I might have not been the best help. But it's good to hear from some one. I know I like to hear from ladies that has been going throw this for a few years. I talk to him every night. Just on Facebook messager. He was going to come home in march but it got changed to may. But he said it might change again. Well I'm here if u need some one to talk to. Just message me. And we can talk! Keep a smile on yours and his face. Stay strong for the both of you. Every thing will work out with time.