Distance Is Not Measured By The Miles But By The Heart!

Hello, My name is Crystal and my soldier is in Afghanistan. I miss him so very much. This is my first time experiencing a deployment but not the first time he has been away for a while, however this will be the longest I have gone without being around him. I love it when I hear his voice, and see his face, and I cant wait to start gettting letters. Its the littlest things that he does that brighten up my day. A five min skype conversation makes my day a hundred times better because I know he is safe and I got to see his handsome face!! I never ever imagined how very difficult this would be and it's so hard because a lot of your family, friends do not understand what you are going through and often times wonder why you are with that person if you cant see them. I do this because I cant imagine life without him and if I have to wait forever I would. He means the world to me and I have learned not to take relationships for granted and charish every momemnt even if that means in that moment you are not physically with them. He is always with my in my heart. I know this may sound sooo silly, but that is how I feel. This deployment has been very difficult but with the help of my friends Alicia and Marie it has been so much better because we have each other!. Thank you ladies!!! I just want this deployment to be over with and for him to be back in my arms!! I wanna start our life together and move forward like getting married and having kids. I wont give up on us, even if the skys get rough baby, I am giving you all my love, I am still lookin up. I love this song by Jason Maraz. Ladies take care and stay strong for our men and women!!
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thanks for your positive outlook, it's so encouraging to me! this is my first deployment as well. i am having a really rough week, and having my best friend and love gone is really hurting right now. he won't be back until december, either, and it feels like an eternity right now. we were supposed to skype today (first time in a very long time), and he never came. i know he is very busy and works very hard and just wasn't able to, but it is so difficult to know we are both struggling and we cannot be there for each other. it is really relieving knowing that other people feel the same.

awee.. thank you girl I appreciate that. Hang in there December will be here before you know it. I hope the time flys by fast.

I know exactly how you feel...Larry doesn't come home until December unless he would miraculously get leave...which I doubt...Just knowing he loves me means the world to me!