I <3 Skype~

Today, was the start of a new day, woke up got ready turned my computer on and my man was on!! AHHHHHH. Excitment from ear to ear, talking about what were doing today and saying how much we miss each other. Seeing his face is amazing but also makes me very sad at the same time cuz I cant touch him.. However, me being my silly self I touched my webcam.. haha.. My man has some type of system on his computer where he can put silly picture frames up around his face, and constantly making me laugh, I think he knows how sad I am without him cuz I am sure he is also. I am so glad skype was invented because without skype my family and friends, this deployment would be soooo much harder. Its so nice to see his face and be able to talk to him that way. I look forward to phone calls and letters tooo.. but skype dates are the best!! I bet you guys think that too.. hahah.The rest of my day is going to be good since I got to talk to my man!! Missing him gets easier each and everyday, but the pain that I feel that wont go away. Staying strong each and everyday praying I will get to see him oneday. One day closer to the next time I see you again!! Thank you for reading this have a wonderful day!!
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thank you! i am sure u will be fine :)

That's so cute! My boyfriend has only been away 12 weeks so far & before that - as he lived in Dublin & I'm in Northern Ireland, we were already accustomed to a long distance relationship, but there used to be days at the start of us "dating" where I would come home from Uni & him from work & we'd sit up til 4 or 5am on the morning on Skype, mostly leading to me pulling an all nighter to make it to class the next day! But it is so worth it! Where he's at now, he cant Skype at all :( He's able to text or ring now, but the first few weeks were so hard because despite the long distance relationship we had, before he left we were together 24/7! He comes home on the 15th June, & again at the end of August before going into Phase 2 where he gets weekends off (& gets to Skype again! :D), but when is next break is is undetermined :( Got so happy reading your story! Hope myself & my boyf are the same!