How To Lie?

Everyone keeps telling me to keep him positive and tell him i'm doing fine and keep his mind off of all the worry, but it's just a lie. I know i shouldnt talk to him about how i cry every night and i havent been able to eat latley because i dont want him to worry about me because he needs to focus while in Afghan, but whenever we talk i cant help but cry. The first thing he always asks me is am i okay? and i say yes and try to be strong but then the tears start coming. Its extremely hard to keep a positive outlook on this.

I feel like i took advantage of the time i had with him before he got deployed. I will never take advantage of the time i have with him ever again. It's just tht i didnt know him too long before he got deployed so i didn't know that i was going to fall head over heels with this man.

I feel so lucky to have found this website and i'm so thankful for all of you and your soldiers as well. I love how supportive everyone is here and how easy it is to relate to others. I didn't think anyone else was feeling exactly like i was, but it's really nice to talk about this because this is the only place i actually do talk about how I'm doing with him.
savorthekiss22 savorthekiss22
18-21, F
Nov 26, 2012