Help :(

Today I got a phone call from my boyfriend. Like usual he only had around 3 minutes to talk. Everything started out fine telling eachother we love and miss eachother and then all the sudden he accused me of falling for my best guy friend. He sounded really sad and was like "I can't believe I'm going to lose you to your best friend. I should have known this was going to happen...He can be there for you and I can't and I understand that he is probably better for you"

He caught me completely off guard with all this and I asked him where he came up with all this becauseITS NOT TRUE...but he didn't believe me..

The phone call ended with him telling me that he needed some time to think about things and not to talk to him until he was ready.

I can't believe he would even think something like this. He is the only person i want to be with and I tell him that all the time and still he thinks something is going on with me and someone else back home. What can I do?!
savorthekiss22 savorthekiss22
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012