i miss my baby so much. he was in soviet russia for a few nights and today will be his first day in afghanistan. i am really nervous and worried about him. i know he will be okay. but i still worry!


please keep him in your prayers.

MissThang420 MissThang420
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mine is home and i could never go through a deployment again.<br />
army wives are amazing...and im not that amazing to do that again!!!<br />
he also came back different from afghan. real touchy and stuff. hope yrs come back normal.<br />
damn PTSD.<br />
let me know how u go.<br />

I know how you feel! My baby has been in Afghanistan since Feb. Your man will be in my thoughts and Prayers!

he went on my birthday in april and i havent stopped crying cant pull through this hes my best friend too

Thank you for your sacrifice.

I miss my baby in Afghanistan too :(

I will defiantly keep him in my prayers.

Aw bless. I will keep him in my prayers.x