I've been doing really good. Yesterday I had a really good day, I felt like myself. Because of yesterday I found out what makes me upset.. When he calls he sounds upset and usually wont talk and I can tell somethings off and even though I know what it is (being over there) I still feel like its something I did and I panic that hes going to leave me.So I have to keep talking myself out of that along with my other worries and thoughts.but yesterday he was in such a good mood.He said he got to shower for the first time,and even though the water smelt worse than they did he felt better..then he made jokes about his friends which is himself (:  He asked me how the planning of the wedding was coming along,and that he was having a good day but couldn't tell me about it cause he was writing me and if he told me then the letter would have been a waste of time ha ha. but he sound himself,joking,laughing it made my day so good. cause i knew he was okay. He called at 4 but my body woke me up at 3 cause that's usually when he calls so I was up so I didn't miss the call,and i stayed up for the rest of the day with a lot of energy.I went to bed about 9ish he called at 2 it was a 30 sec phone call just to tell me he was going to a different base so he wouldn't be able to talk but that he loved me.but his voice was off.. now that I'm looking back on this i feel dumb.. HE CALLED ME TO TELL ME THAT HE LOVES ME. but because he didn't sound happy I'm worried that he wont anymore? pretty dumb and I see that so now.. how do I fix it.


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girl that is exactly how it is with my husband and me. but all i can say is, if your man is doing it and mine acts that way to it must not be us!

you have to think positive. He is under alot of strss right now. alot of things are going through his mind. Everything will be fine just keep your head up and smile! We my friends brother was in afganny he sounded the same way but he was happy just worried about alot. When they are out there alot of stuff runs through their head and they do alot of thinking about home. He's missing you sooo much right now its crazy. I so glad you got that call! doesn't it make you feel so much better! I got my first call last nite i was hyped up like crazy yet depressed that he sounded so unhappy. They just miss us and want to be home.