Takin It Day By Day

My BF Let for Iraq on sunday and it has been hard just coming to terms with it. i miss him more and more each day and started to miss him before he was gone. I think the worst part is we both pulle back towards him leaving so we didnt get emotional.. Dont get me wrong we spent every second together but our hugs andd kisses were cold as if he was already gone... I dont know if this a good our bad thing alot of friend say it because they are in deploye soldier mode already.. I know i can make it thru this year its just going to be hard not havin him here.. I sleep wih his pillow and write him like 3 emails a day.. hes only been gone for 2 lol.. I just feel like its been a year already.. but the hardest part is we have yet to say i love u or even really put titles 0on each other to him im jus a friend mainly because of his fear in not coming back he never wanted to get to close.. Im just wondering is there girl who have started out a deployment as a friend and ended up as GF or even wifey.. dont get me wrong I do love him and if u ask any of his friends he loves me too we are 2 pees n a pod but just havent took that step.. Will this deployment take him out this stage??
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and if you get a hobby it def helps past the time, when my bf was in iraq i stayed busy with sports, and it was my last yr of highschool so i had alot going on. but just stay strong cause as hard as it is for the people back home its alot harder for them to be there. and it really helps them to know that they have someone at home waiting and praying for them.

Thanks.. Its hard. But I'm trying to make it..

im not sure if this deployment will take your man to say "i love you" but when my bf left for iraq in oct we were just friends and ended up together while he was there and it took a couple months before "i love you" was said but just talk to your man every chance you get and hopefully hell say it.