I Miss My Army Boy

My fiancee is not deployed... yet. But he's been gone since September 07 in Basic Training and AIT. I know him being gone there isn't half as bad as him being gone in Iraq, but it still hurts.

It sucks not being able to talk to him, hug him, cuddle with him, and kiss him. I was never expecting him to join the army when we firtst met. I never thought I'd ever be and army wife when I grew up. But it's exciting and saddening at the same time. I am so happy that I get to be by his side through all this, and be his support. 

He was completely opposite of who he is today and I have the army to thank for that. He's matured so much and I've seen him become someone truly amazing. Even though this situation sucks, I know its whats best for him, us, and our future.

When he came home for exodus, he proposed and it was the best day of my life. I will never forget that day. And even though we dont have much money, I dont care, because all I need is my SOLDIER by my side. He means the world to me and I have no idea what I'd do with out him in my life.

To all you women who have men deployed in Iraq or overseas. I cant completely say I know how you.  But we have all had to go through this at one point in time with our husbands/boyfriends/fiancees. We should all have respect for each other, and each others feelings. We have all had our hearts broken, seeing our men walk away from us into the unknown. We need to be ARMY STRONG too. For ourselves, families, but most of all our Soldiers.

I love my Army Boy! :D

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4 Responses Mar 19, 2008

he's going to be fine maybe i will see him out on the field someday.

My boyfriend is not my fiancee yet, but will be after he comes home on the twelfth for two weeks, then off to Afghanistan for fifteen months. I miss him every second he is not with me. When we first met he was in full-time reserves after being active-duty for five years. Then he got the very so unforgetable phone call that he is now active and getting deployed. He was supposed to get out March of 2010 after a seven year contract....rude awakening. Ugh...I wish he were home already and he hasn't even left for the big one yet. I don't really have friends so I am really glad for the ladies on this site. It is the support that no one else can give because no one else understands.

Well said but hard to do. My husband has been gone for a little over 5 months and I still find myself having my bad weeks where I really can't take it. We do have to stay strong though, it's just hard sometimes.

I couldnt agree more!!!! You put so many things in one story! Amazing! We all need to be one big family. That is what we are suppost to be...a military family.<br />
you said it all perfect!