Why Does Time Go So Slow?

  The love of my life just left for Afghanistan and I miss him so very much. We have only been together for a couple months but I never knew what love could be until I met him. He was stationed in Alaska and I live in California where we both grew up. we knew eachother when we were kids but fell out of contact until he found me on myspace some months ago. He came home for leave and we spent every second we could together. We fell in love fast and hard and it was amazing.

   He flew out to Afghanistan on the 28th and I just can't get used to waking up without a text from him. I miss him so much...I feel like part or me is missing...like I'm an empty shell because he has my heart with him. Hopefully he will come home in July for his midtour leave but we don't know yet. Then there will be another 6 months and I'll finally have him home safe and sound. It is so hard not to worry but I can't tell him I'm scared...I have to be strong for his sake if nothing else.

   It is good to hear from women that are in my same situation. It makes me feel a little less alone. Good luck to all and I knwo that they will all come home safe!

charparker4 charparker4
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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Omg...I'm crying! lol thank you guys so much. It's hard because I'm really new at this and it hasn't sunk in that I'm in this situation...if that makes any sense at all. Yesterday was the first day since our relationship started that I didn't hear from him and I just didn't know what to do with myself. When I got home from work just now I read an e-mail he left that said he's going to try to call me but i never know and neither does he.<br />
It’s weird because 6 months before I met Chris I went through a really hard break up. Everyone around me was worried (I mean I didn't eat for 3 months and lost 30 pounds if that says anything), but now that I have met Chris it's like...like I never knew what it was to be happy. The amazing thing is that I feel like this even when I'm not physically by his side. I see that if we can get though this year (which I don't doubt that we will), there is nothing we won't be able to get through in life. <br />
It's nice to be able to tell people about it who know what I'm talking about...everyone else says "boy that sucks" and they have no idea how much of an understatement that really is.