My Boyfriend Just Told Me He's Going to Get Deployed

About 3 days ago my boyfriend told me that he will most likely be getting deployed in June to Afghanistan. He's just finishing up AIT training and has been through basic training already. He'll be home monday thankfully for about 26 days! :-) It's been extremely difficult being away from him for such long periods of time but we are making it work. I miss him so much and the thought of deployment scares me, I know he's going with an infantry unit since he's a forward observer. I'm extremely proud of him for following his dream with the army. He's talked about marrying me in the future after I get my bachelors degree in college. I love him and do want to marry him one day, he brings out the best in me. I just don't know if I could handle him being in the military for a long time which he's talked about. I would love to see him everyday and have him come home every night and settle down together. He's mentioned how much money he would make if he goes after being a captain and I think that may be the main reason he wants to. But I really want to tell him that I'd rather be poor and happily in love getting to see him everyday verse having a great deal of money and being lonely. I'm staying with him regardless of what he decides. I do feel selfish for thinking such things as asking him to not reenlist once he's done serving this term. I think this deployment just came as a shock because I didn't expect this for a little while. 

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I'm pretty new to alla this too, and I never imagined myself even considering the possibility of committing myself to someone who was in the military..... BUT he's fantastic, and he LOVES what he does, how can I do anything but support him? If it were just about money I would say the same thing you are, but for my soldier this was a life long goal and dream. I'd never ask him to give it up. I might ask him to teach ROTC when we have kids instead of continuing to go into BCT's, but that's a different story, lol!<br />
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Good luck! =)