I Miss My Soldier

My boyfriend Jack left for the army two weeks ago and he doesnt finish till November. Not only is he my boyfriend he is also my best friend and my life. It feels like i am missing an arm or something.

He is a year older than me and recently because i have just finished secondry school all the couples are breaking up. So he rings me every night to make sure i know that he wont do the same to me. He says things like, "I couldnt live with out you."

but he said to me "it will be forever because i put you in my will" which just terrifies me because i dont want him to die!

i am being optomistic though and spending a lot of time with my friends who are supporting me and helping me through it. The letters Jack sends me are also a great help. And i am going to visit him in two weeks! :D

piealipie piealipie
Jun 13, 2009