Why is it that after your boyfriend deploys everyone thinks it all of a sudden makes you "single" or you can do things and they wont find out what happened while their gone? ever since daniel left my ex has been trying to weasel his way back into my life, he was the controlling kind and would get pissed if i didnt do things the way he liked, not my ideal man, hes mad that im in love with daniel and dont plan on ever leaving him, i dont want him to do anything that can possible cause issues for me and daniel, i know he trusts me and knows i wouldnt do anything to hurt him but its just hard knowing theres people out there trying to ruin such a good thing, Ive told daniel not to listen to anything he may say to him and luckily he hasnt done anything so far but i may just be overreacting but im worried, i dont want anything to happen, we're talking about kids and being married and everything and to lose that would kill me

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well daniels been back since june and i thought **** would stop with my ex no matter how much i ignored him and everything and the fact daniel yelled at him and told him to leave me alone and all kinds of other stuff and now all he wants to do is fight ... cant win for loosing ... daniel proposed saturday night my ex knows it and is still calling and txting

ugh i hate when guys do that .. do they really think their gonna win you by trying to get you away from the person you love? its annoying...lots of my exes jumped on the opprotunity as soon as jake my bf left.. and i was like no... leave me alone. i have to much to risk if i lose him.

i understand, recently an ex of mine msgd me and asked if me saying i love you to my curtis a good thing since love is such a strong word and we is very far away for a long .time