I'm My Soldier's Soldier-subject- Precious Moments

hey peeps. I have been and an army girlfriend for almost a year and will be an army wife in a few months! I havent seen my man for 2 and 1/2 months and he's getting deployed this summer. Reality is sinking in and i am going nutsy inside and yet its not so bad-I'm trained for this;) i'm gonna share with you guys out there one of my fondest memories with my soldier. Last time i saw him, he had just gotten off work at the recruiting office so he was still in his uniform. We were alone at my grandma's house and indoors. ;) I reached for his barret and put it on my head over my eyes and smiled. I looked up at him and made a puppy dog face then he said "lets put it on the right way" so he positioned it and tweaked it to his satisfaction. I didnt look half bad:P He looked at me lovingly and he started to take the barret  off my head. I said "noooo!" in a cute whiny voice and pulled it over my eyes again. Then i burried my head in his chest and ended up shedding a few tears (i felt emotional that day) then he put his arms around me and held me there with the barret on my head really close. No feeling is more precious than feeling isolated from the evils in the world in your big stong soldier's arms with part of his uniform on. I knew him for 3 years before he decided to join the military and i had felt very apart from him in spirit before that moment during that time. I felt like we were one. It was an unbelievable feeling and still is everytime I try on his army boots or other part of his uniform-sometimes when he's not looking ;) LOL  I finally feel like a part of him, not apart from him.

downbytheriver11 downbytheriver11
18-21, F
Mar 1, 2010