Cry Myself To Sleep

Well to start of my name is Anai n I absolutly miss my army man!! He has been in the army for about 3 years but i bearly started dating my soldier for bout  11 month now im kinda new to havin a long distance relationship but i try my best to be their for him and his familiy. but to me its kinda hard to put a smile on my face everytime im around couples or just tagging along with my friends n their boyfriend i cant help but to tear up  missing my army man he got drafted in NOvember of 09 so now he is in iraq for a week now ive been talking to him everyday but the bad thing bout is that i cant help but cry everytime he tells me i love you  & i miss you i just wish i had him here with me Michael made a diffrence in my life he made me see into my future and  think positive about my life and whatever i wanted to do i can do it and nomatter wat he is always going to be their!! thats why i miss him so much anod plus he is a good lisener  but i still need ya help to help me not be sad  but happy but its kinda hard for me since its our first time being so far away from each other and plus for a long time but plz i need advice  to show him that i cant do it & that i love him

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i understand n thanks for the advice use army wifes got to stick 2gether lol... but if u need anyone to talk to just now u got a friend here

lol I don't understand it, and I don't try! They're going through a lot of emotions though over there. Sometimes are rough days putting up with tough work, and some days they may just be hanging out with the guys and doing guard duty. I notice the more gruff work my guy does, the more cranky he is. I was starting to get frustrated though when he told me, you should be honored to get that side of me haha. Because he made me realize that I'm the only one that he shares that stuff with, and other people don't get that. So think of it that way and just remember he is homesick, tired, and JUST is ready to come back to the states! lol it makes it better when you put it in their perspective as best as you can. Although we can't picture it perfectly because we have NO idea what is going on!

thanks for the comment!! :) i try ma best to stay strong n everything but sometimes idk why he be thinking negavite n then the next min he is happy n i really dnt understand but wat do u think??

Be happy he is in Iraq! It's way better communication there. As for the long distance, it isn't that bad. You get used to it! :) Make sure you are close to his family and friends and whenever you miss him most spend the time making him care packages and letters or emails! IT always helps! :) If you ever want to talk, feel free to email!