I Miss Him Each And Every Day

My son Michael 34 years old such a wonderul young boy as he got older more independent chose to do things that I could never imagine. He got into drugs that I was so against. I always thought he would be my little preacher. I thought he could help young people because of choices he had made jail, prison stold everything we own. I loved him he was my son I hated what he done but I always loved him. March 6, 2010 died to an overdose. I am having such a hard time with this. I know he doesn't have to fight that demon anymore he looked so peaceful laying there, but this is a mother's worse nightmare.
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I am so sorry for your loss...the pain never goes away...i think it gets worse with time...i lost my beautiful son July 30 2010 in a drunk driving accident...i miss him so much the pain in my heart is unbearable

I lost my son a handsome successful dentist on the first of July 2011. He jumped from 21 floor of his balconey in his apartment. The last two months he was so depressed and could not sleep at all. He was so good to everyone. Everybody loved him. His friends and at his work. Since 6 months ago, his wife started to bother him a lot. He was telling us all the time. Even he wanted to divorce her. But his dad and I always encouraged him to go back to his wife. We feel a lot guilty for that. His wife was pushing him to work even more when he was sick and stayed home for 10 days. He had burnout from work and she was pushing him to go back to work after 10 days My life is finished with his dead. The pain is so deep. I am always thinking about him and crying. His dad and I will take this pain to our grave. Everyday and night I ask God to take me too. I only want to die and go and see him and ask for forgiveness. I am broken. One month passed since he is dead and I miss him very badly. I hear his voice in my ears. I see him inside my house and outside every day. I pray to God to die every moment. The pain is unbearable. The pain from losing the child is so so much. It is nothing compared to this pain.

My son died from what I believe was too much presc<x>ription medications. They had taken their toll on his body and his mind. It was so hard to watch him whither away. He was such a vibrant, intelligent young man. I am so sorry for your loss...it doesn't matter how he went but that he went. I don't think we ever get over it; we just learn to live with it. My prayers go out to you and your family. No one understands the pain more than those who have gone through it.

i lossed my son paul age 37 in april this year the pain i feel is unbearable .i miss his phone calls .he had the most cheeky smile .he always told me he loved me .thats what hurts me because i loved him so much .so i know what you are going through .i dont think i will ever get over losing paul .people say things will get better with time but till it happens to them i dont think they know what we are going through from one mother to another take care

I lost my son last year. He was 29. It is so very, very, hard; it hurts so very, very, much. Getting better is slow business. Be good to yourself. Thanks for posting here and sharing, because it helps you and it helps those of us who are dealing with similar things.<br />
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So thanks for sharing and helping during such a hard time for you. Wishing you all the best.