My son Andrew was a healthy young man who sudden dropped dead on his way to work aged 24. He was my soul mate, the light of my life. When he closed his eyes for the last time on 1st August 2009, I died with him. We had spoken on and off all that Saturday on the phone and I was going to collect him from his work, nursing the elderly. For some reason I knew I had to phone him before 9pm. I got through to him and we arranged for me to collect him after his shift. I recall that conversation so clearly and wish that I had phoned him back so that I could hear his voice just one more time. At 9.10pm I received a call from a with held number and when I answered the line went dead For some reason I knew that Andrew needed me. I was later to learn that Andrew died at exactly 9.10pm. When I reached his work they told me that Andrew wasn't there. It was so out of character that I knew something had to be very wrong, I searched for him and eventually the police came to my house to tell me that my lovely precious son was dead. It is surreal and so painful. Two years have passed and I honestly don't know how I've got from then until now. I miss him so much he was my son and my best friend. Andrew's birthday is the 27th December, For some reason a few days before he died I told him that should anything ever happen to him I wanted him to know that love surpasses all time, distance and boundaries and I would love him for all eternity. I had no reason to believe I would lose him, My son was a beautiful caring quiet and kind man. He deserved to live his life and to be happy. I love him and I miss him so very much.
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God knows i know how you feel. but i believe together us grieving moms can work through this. We have to. that is what our angels would want. 9hugs to you))) and godbless you!!

I am so sorry. I lost my beautiful son in July of 2009, only a few weeks before your precious Andrew died. <br />
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The pain never goes away, and I am still trying to learn how to live with it. I appreciate you sharing this story; it helps to feel less alone.<br />
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My son was my only child, and truly the love and light of my life. He is irreplaceable and I did not think I could live without him. But we both have to do it, somehow. My thoughts are with you.