I haven't really dealt with the passing of my youngest son. Hunter he was 12 days old and its been a little over a year, im getting worried that im going to lose it, every one seems shocked that i havnt but i can feel the fuse getting extremely short. I just want to hide under a rock and never come out my husband isnt really supportive, so i feel alone all the time and i dont like to talk to people who dont have a clue what im going through and i pray that they never do. I get easily offended when the wrong things are said, like you can always have another one your still young, come on where is the compassion in that. I dont deal with death very well and i dont deal withit all really, im afraid reality is going to hit me hard soon. Everyday i cant help but think what he would look like and how big he would be. I just havnt found a way to ease the pain, even though im not dealing with it mentally, im falling apart emotionally and im becoming a wreck and dont know hat to do about it.
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I think I know you any time you need to talk just come over and we will help each other Nick would have wanted it that way.

So sorry to hear of your terrible loss. You have experienced one of life's greatest tragedies, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Try to find help - if friends and family aren't doing it for you, find a counselor or priest or minister . . . whatever works best for you.

The pain doesn't lessen much, though some of the worst "edges" come off. Your goal has to be more "how to I learn to live with this pain" than "how can I make the pain lessen."

All my best to you.

Really sorry to hear about to hear about your loss. You are right. It's really hard for people to even imagine what you must be feeling.

Contrary to what people say.. you must take your own time. Slowly try to accept it. Dont try to get over it. It wont help. Most important is, you gotta talk. This page is a good start. I have heard support groups are sometimes helpful. Counselling helps too. One couple i know had lost their only son few years ago. They started devoting their free time volunteering for orphanages, group homes, nurseries and neonatal hospital units. They told me it really made them feel at ease.

I hope you find comfort. If you need to vent out or need someone to talk to, I am here.

Sorry to hear of your terrible loss.

When I lost my son he was much older, but the loss of a child is the loss of a child. It is the worst thing you can experience in life. Don't be hard on yourself, your reactions are normal - but do get help. I got a counselor and it has helped me quite a lot. He provides support and an unbiased ear.

If you can get counseling, or you have a minister or priest you trust, someone outside the closest family and friends (who can be simply "too close to the situation" to really help), try reaching out to them.

My best wishes to you as you move forward on this very challenging road.

I lost my son Jacob when he was 3 months. it will get better with time but you will never get over the lost you will just learn to cope. be aware of anniversaries and birth dates you are more vulnerable around those times. you are not alone.