I live in another country. I went back home this summer and the sweetest thing happened. I met my first summer love. I knew it when I started things that it will come to an end and I thought its just summer I will get over it easily. but day by day I started falling for him and I knew he liked me too. We never really talked it was just what our eyes said. it was like a forbidden crush. and all in all I thought it wouldn't hurt. but today here I am wishing I had taken the chances to talk to him,to tell him what I felt. now I am back and I don't wanna be here, I want to see him everyday like I did, see the smile on his face when he sees me but now I have to wait for years and hoping nothing change but I know I living in the fantasy world. but I did love him and I still do. I still smile at the sweet memory of him. and I still wish I am there now with him. I miss him.
teddy28 teddy28
16-17, F
Aug 21, 2014