My Soul Mate

I lost my wife, Oct 30 of this year, 2012. She died due to sudden heart failure, she was healthy as far as we knew and was only 31. I'm now widowed at 29 with 3 kids. It hurts to be with out her, she really was my everything. I miss everything about her, i wish there was away any way we could be together again. I don't know what to do with myself any more, i go on because i must not because i want to. I don't really expect anyone here yo help me i guess i just needed to say this, and do much more.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Hey Buddy, I used to tell people who were going through great difficulty, "there's another life for you on the other side of this." I still believe it, however, after losing my dear wife of 23 years to cancer, I feel like I was being glib when I said that. I had never known tragedy and though it's true; there's another life for both you and me on the other side of our grief, it's way harder to walk through it than I ever imagined. God Bless you and your kids. Today I am playing hooky from work and drowning in self pity (it was our 20th anniversary yesterday). But tomorrow, I;ll focus on my kids and work, ride my bike and do better. Best Wishes for healing to you and your family - Jebb