Mostly The People, The Bagels And The Pizza

I don't care what people say....about how cold or dangerous or tough it can be, I adore New York City.
Always have and probably always will.
My Mother arrived at 17 and lived in a brownstone in the East 20's. She worked 6 1/2 days a week and on her half day off used to walk Fifth Avenue in her best Sunday clothes, feeling as she described it, "like a million dollars".
Funny how a place can do that for you. My Mother felt the possibilities and hope of American in New York.
I've always felt the excitement and energy and compassion.
Despite what some may say, New York has a compassionate soul. In crises New Yorkers have always pulled together and helped each other before pulling back once the edge was over.

During a blackout I was driving on the East Side Highway close to Houston Street near the lower East side....mobs of people were out as I exited the highway, swarming the street and at first I was terrified...turns out they were giving out free candles and information to motorists.The entire evening went like that...genuine help and caring....and fun.

I miss the energy, the people watching, the "you never know what you will see" reality of New York.

After leaving my teaching job, I worked near 14th street for 2 years. On my first walk out for lunch I noticed the young man walking in front of me with both arms extended, his left holding the head of a snake and the right holding the tail. My first friend in the City was an artist who renovated her apartment by hand. It had been a Pentecostal Church followed by a alleged house of what was described as "ill repute!" We celebrated when she installed her shower. Prior to that she swam and showered daily at the local Y.

There are arguably no better bagels than the ones in NYC...and pizza......and art...and music...and theatre.

And neighborhoods so different yet all part of New York...Soho and the Village both East and West, the Lower East Side, Upper West Side....and on and on...

Nowadays I live in a rather small yet progressive town and I like it. But Spring is here and I am longing for the kind of neighborhood walking New York affords. Sites and sights to light up the most jaded eyes, smells and aromas, mostly wonderfu,l from the overflow of sidewalk cafes (ok sometimes not that great lol), and a sense of wonder and delight and energy and possibilities.

It's a city that gets in your blood. I am a lifetime citizen of New well as the World.

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have a piece of the city delivered right to your door! delivers ny bagels to wherever you are.

I was born and raised there! I miss it too, especially this time of year!

See what's going on here without you, Frito!!!! Crazy stuff! Come back please, pretty please!

Yes, Frito! Please come back! You are so very missed!! I promise I'm not really psycho! Tassie is just taunting me....again ;-)

Just a little tease datura. I wonder if yoga would help you. I shall have a word with Princess. It would help calm you down I'm sure.

Do you see what I have to endure, Frito? Please come back and help me get OrangeFizz under control!

My dear, we dont even exist in the same world any longer. I believe you were taken in the dead of night across to the dark side. .. shame.

Fritzo fritzo come back and write some more of your wonderful stories .. tis all gloom and froth and bubble here(apart from a few great stories of course) datura has gone psycho and my new best friend peza just writes about politicalish stuff that I dont understand :(<br />
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<br />
COME BACK!!!!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
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Realbeau, thanks for so appreciating the story of my Mom in her Sunday best on 5th Ave...and yes a roadtrip is always a great thought!<br />
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Jimmyrudyjump, yup it's in your blood too! glad you got 3 months there and hope you get a chance to get back...funny you mention Penn Station, not a particularly exciting place, yet I still get nostalgic!

I spent three months in New York City, spring of 2007... And somehow, upon my arrival (airtrain out of Newark Liberty, to NY Penn station) I for the first time in my life felt like "coming home"...<br />
I miss the place enormously ever since I left and NEED to go back one day...<br />
If I had the money tomorrow, I'd go and live in NYC the day after...

Thanks Des! :)<br />
<br />
No Datura, unfortunately it's been years. Before I moved upstate I lived in a suburban area just north of NYC and used to go in at least twice a week, often more.:)

Do you make it back to the big city very often, Frito?

Thank you Tas.

Love this story fritzo :)

It's so different from my current small town atmoshere also Datura.....but so filled with energy and possibilities. Thanks. :)

I've been there several times and it is such a different life from my rural existence. I can see why you love it!

Definitely a roadtrip SilentR my friend! Thanks....perhaps I see it through "rose colored glasses" but I don't care.:)

Jersey, thank you thank you thank generous of you!!! If I have a chance to make it down, I'll definitely look you up!<br />
And what a smart vacation plan. I never had pizza at John's...but I believe you!<br />
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SabrinaNYC , it's been a while since I've been there so for me it is nostalgia...glad you are enjoying the "live" version.

You have made me nostalgic for my home town.... and I still live and work here!!!!!

MMMM fresh baked bread! great addition Pedro. :) I've been to Boston and it's a great city! lots of energy and sites and culture.<br />
NO8DO I think you would love New York! especially the arts!