i miss the cartoons and shows shown in the 90's when i was growin up such as: doug, rockos modern life, real monsters,rugrats, the original all that, wild and crazy kids, clarissa explains it all, gumby, guts, inspector gadget, kablam, legends of the hidden temple, muppet babies, ren and stimpy, what would you do, and pete and pete...they sure dont make em like they use 2 make em
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lmfaoo apparently I didn't respond to any of the comments, damn i'm slow >_<<br />
lol so here we goooo<br />
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@ CHC-- You're parents are lame for canceling nick!! And you never scared me, I think I probably just forgot about it or I was still getting used to the whole thing idk, such a dope =P<br />
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@ Turbulance---They really should I know I would watch them.<br />
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@ Suzy-- I don't think I ever saw that show =P

OMFG. I still remember this is first story I commented of yours.<br />
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Pshhhhhh I remember because you didn't respond. What a meanie head! xD<br />
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JKJKKKKKK I probably scared you with my creeperness even then O.o

They should make a channel for all those old shows! I'm sure many people would love to watch them!

I miss the effing rugrats too! And my parents are so ghetto; they got rid of all of the cartoon channels *tears*<br />
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I LOVED Nickelodeon! But I have heard it's changed..how lame..my brothers are growing up on a few cartoons (that they see on weekends) which happen to be very stupid..