Long Gone Are They, The Days Of Old...

Nickelodeon used to have it all going on. I thrived on that. Rugrats, Hey! Arnold, the Angry Beavers, CatDog...so many great shows. Rocko's Modern Life and who could forget Doug? I desperately wanted a Beets poster to hang on my bedroom walls haha. And, did anyone else watch Pete and Pete and Keenan and Kel?! Though, I have to say, I was not really a big fan of Ren and Stimpy. I'm not sure why but I just never could get into it. And, I remember that my mother didn't want me to watch it because she thought it was disgusting. However, she never complained when I wanted to watch Courage the Cowardly Dog on CN. But, out of all of the NickToons out there, my favorite would probably have to be Avatar: The Last Airbender. Nothing brings back the nostalgia of childhood like the others, but after DBZ, Avatar was the next step closer to getting into anime. For me, the beginning of the end for Nickelodeon was Spongebob. I think Spongebob was the last good cartoon put out on Nick. After, the first few seasons of Spongebob, it all went down hill, in my opinion. I stay on top of cartoons because I'm an incurable nerd. Right now, the best thing Nick has going for it is the new Avatar series The Legend of Korra (but, that might be my own biased opinion :p) Though, when it comes right down to it, the original Transformers will always be my favorite. I know it's not Nickelodeon, but the inner Decepticon in me just had to say that :p
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Ah the good old days

think that was a staple of being a kid in america in the 90's. And I didn't see Avatar until I was 18, but i LOVED it! great show...watched them all on DVD in huge bursts lol.

Right? I accidentally discovered Avatar on TV about halfway through season 3 and binged on it until I finished it.

he he he

I miss Pete and Pete and Keenan and Kel. Those were the golden years of Nickelodeon

I can only presume you forgot - rather than ignored - The Wild Thornberrys. =)

you and your wild thornberrys. The dad was a bit creepy...as was the monkey.

got somethin against British men & their accents?

D'oh! You're right! I loved that show! Positively Smashing! :p


lol...maybe that WAS it

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What is better than old school Nickelodeon? <br />
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I don't know....<br />
<br />
<br />
*cue green slime pouring on my head*

i always wanted to go on that show so bad, so much free pudding!!! and pistachio flavored is my favorite...it was prolly my idea of what heaven would be like.