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Does anyone still remember KaBlam! from Nickelodeon??? That was one of my fav shows as a kid. I really liked Action League Now! and all there dysfunctional heroes. They would always go some crazy mission, & it would have to be continued the next time. It was like some perpetual time loop that never ended.
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Action League now was my favorite skit in that show. They did everything I wanted to do with my own toys. Including running them over with a car!

I remember that title but what I truly remember is watching are you afraid of the dark with my sisters so scary at the time lol😱😱😱😱😱👻

Yes!!! One of main loves of the 90s. Got me interested in animation. Currently, not so much sadly. The heart, silliness, inside jokes etc! Makes me cry tears of joy. I rented Ren ans Stimpy from the library so time to binge like crazy!

I remember All That. Oh those were the years.

Action League, Now! Haha. Awesome show.

OH MY GOSH YES! I think the Action League is the most memorable (I could never forget the buff naked guy with long blonde hair haha) but I really liked the Max & Ruby skit, too. They had one where Max told Ruby that thunder was Mother Nature bowling and it cut to an image of Mather Nature & her friends having a very competitive bowling match and to this day when I hear thunder that's what I think of haha.

Hahaha, same here. That was my fave Max & Ruby episode.

Same here! I'm about to youtube it.

I don't remember it, though I have looked it up, and it's a very cool cartoon.
Never got into Action League Now! that much though.

Yea, it was one of my fav cartoons back then.

Both of them?

Just KaBlam! in general. I prefer CartoonNetwork though, always have.

Ahh, ok then. Any reason why?

They had more action shows than Nick, at least I think so. I've felt that Nick always leaned toward comedy more.

Yep, I can see that. Do you watch Adult Swim as well?

Not unless they had action shows on, which was/is rare.

That's true. What channels do you watch then?

Cartoon Network, Nick, SyFy, FX, Com. Central, & whatever else is good.

What shows do you watch on Nick?

Nothing new really. Fairly Odd Parents, Avatar (both Aang & Korra), & a bunch of oldies you can only find on the internet or in stores.

Alrighty then. You watch the Fairly Odd Parents?


How's that? Can't stand it anymore.

Not religiously, but if the episode is decent (or older), then I'll watch it.

Yeah, same with me. Any new decent episodes then?

Not really. They seem to be out of Good ideas.

Yeah, I guess they have. What are they doing now then?

I haven't the slightest idea.

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Tou want to talk "old school" Nickelodeon?
I remember watching it when it first aired!! Lol! "You can't do that on television" was the "cool" show then....ah the good ole days :)

Haha. Sorry I don't go back that far. But I have heard stories.

hey.... do you remember Toonami?

Heck yea! Gundam Wing & Big O were my fav shows to watch

I remember Yu Yu Hakusho....and at least six DBZ shows I used to watch...

Ahhh, how cud i hav 4gotten DBZ