Especially Nicktoons and Snick!!!!

Doug started right when I was getting into middle school, so I was right around that age where Doug was, and his life seemed relatively similar to mine. Rugrats grew on to me soon after, as did Ren and Stimpy much later after I realized the oddness to the genius. Rocko was good too, but it seemed I always either caught the same episodes all the time, or just missed it a lot.

One of my warmest growing-up memories was watching Snick on Saturday nights, it gives a young adolescent something to do. Me and my mom were living with my sister and her husband (mom just got divorced from dad finally), and mom would make a point to hang out saturday night so we could both watch "Are you afraid of the dark?" in the dark together.

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I don't really remember snick, but then again, I stopped having cable after six years old. I was able to get vhs tapes of some of the old cartoons though. Happy times

Lol, apparently there was a slight generational gap, I was really into it when there were only three nicktoons, and later rocko was added, then ah! real monsters...I remember something of stick stickly, but that's when I started later adolescence and amassing a **** collection and finding other things to do with my, I grew up to freakin' original airings of double dare and disney afternoon, you think you feel old!? how glad am I to still possess the 'alvin and the chipmunks: the movie' movie, the cartoon one? and rescue rangers episodes and ducktales, whoo-ooh!

OMG I miss all those shows you mentioned. After school there used to be a thing called stick stickly, he was a popsicle stick with google eyes, then doug and Ah! real monsters would come on. And Nick at nite was also better, nowadays on nick at nite, its shows that were popular when I wasl little so I feel so damn old!