Oh Where Oh Where Has My Orchid Gone?i

 Spring has sprung and a (not so young) (not so much girl anymore) girl's fancy turns to flowers. The wisteria is in full bloom and smelling as sweet as ever, the sun is shining, and a cool, light breeze is blowing away the last vestiges of winter. My love doves are once again sitting their nest near the front door, billing and cooing.

The only thing missing from this spring scenario is my dear friend Orchid! Where is she? What has she been doing? And why hasn't she checked in? Surely I can't be the only one for whom spring is not truly spring without a lovely Orchid blooming on the sill. 

Come back Orchid!! Your Celery misses you!

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4 Responses Mar 28, 2009

I miss her too and I know how much she means to you cel. I hope she is okay and she gives you a check in soon.<br />
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Orchid: Come on butt head, your friends miss you!!

Orchid and I shared a tender embrace once. Well, I PMed her some stuff about my crappy day and how my extremities were always numb and she gave me some advice. Since she's both a good person and in some facet of the healthcare field. It worked out well. Then she disappeared.<br />
<br />
I still can't feel my face.<br />
<br />
Come back.

I miss her very much too. She came through for a few minutes a couple of weeks ago. She said things were not going so well :(<br />
Don't you have her number, Celery?

Awww :)<br />
<br />
I miss Orchid too.