I Miss You....

I know its my fault we are no longer friends, but it still hurts that you weren't able to look past my flaws, and instead of being understanding of my weakness, you judge me, and made me feel worse, for not being perfect. It hurts that we are no longer friends, because we have been friends for so long. I guess its my fault, but still, I miss you :(


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3 Responses Sep 1, 2009

3 months ago I love a best friend of 35 years over something silly and trivial I said while a bit tipsy, I miss her every day she was like my sister, we spoke every day on the phone, I have sent her a message saying what happend with no reply.......I feel there is a bit more to it than just something silly I said, but it still really hurts how she can throw away all those years of sharing everything for something so trivial....<br />
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Im so upset, but nothing I can do if someone no longer wants you in their life there is not much you can do.....

I agree Wynhaven. A real friend will see the real you through the imperfections, and forgive you for your occasional mistakes resulting therefrom.<br />
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The strange thing is how it's lasted "so long" before breaking up.

It is never the fault of the one willing to continue the friendship. The one willing to apologize when wrong & learn from it. Your only fault is not being able to let go & that will come in time sugardove. : )