Where Are You?

I had this friend one of the very few people that I fully trusted with everything and anything our friendship was so awesome and I really wish he was still in my life. We would stay up all night talking about anything that came to mind, we would party the night away, he always made me see things in a different light and would always make me feel better, we were so close I swear we knew what the other one was thinking. Then out of no where we stopped hanging out, he was always too busy to talk or he'd say he'd call and never did, I was so confused and really needed an answer I really thought I had done something wrong. So a long time pasted with little or no contact and finally one day I get a phone call totally unexpected, and it was like nothing had changed everything went back to how it was so I didn't question it and just went with the flow the great times were back. I helped him through his rough times and he was there for me also, he became such a big part of my life we both depended on each other for support and advice, well after having a real rough couple days at work I get a phone call from his mom which wasn't strange, we would talk often, she invited me to her house for a BBQ it was her younger sons birthday I told her I'd be there went home changed and was on my way. When I arrive the house is so hectic with with all the guest I step out to the front porch to have a smoke soon his mother joins me and I casually ask so whens __________ going to get here? she looks at me with a confused look on her face so I ask why she's looking at me like that? after a long pause she said honey he moved yesterday he didn't tell you I stand there in a daze I'm so lost for words his mother tells me how he packed up and left to work for his fathers construction company I immediatly called him no answer, left messages that weren't returned I felt so hurt that he had left like that WTF happened? Weeks passed before I got a text and it was a simple hey how are you? months passed by and still no explaination. Well after a year I get a phone call from him and I finally get an explaination and it's not something I wanted to hear but in the end he did what he had to do, I truly miss him and really wish he was here with me sharing the good and the bad he really made a difference in my life, Where ever he is now  I just hope he found what he was looking for and that he's truly happy.

drkiris drkiris
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5 Responses Feb 19, 2010

T yup life goes on it's part of the learning process thanx for the comment

but you eventually get over it...

**** happens...

RHS It was difficult and it still hurts to think about it, but I've learned that we all have a path to follow and must do so in order to find happiness and sometimes that means leaving the ones we care about behinde.

AF Thanks I hope so to.