One Of The Lessons Of Life

So yeah here I am. I have been nostalgic and have to remind myself that people come and go. I miss you all and not a day goes by that I dont think about you. I remember all the times, the good the bad and the drunk moments when we were like wtf? I now know that you can never stop loving somebody no matter what age that you are. One of the **** things about being human and able to love and live, is that it often means you hve to let them have to move on. They are needed to form memories and build the bridges from one moment to another and over time its easy to forget why you walked away. I still think about my old old name and who I used to be... like I say a woman's heart is an ocean of secrets. I carry them all to my grave one day. Like a bad movie the sounds and sights play and they never fade and I think its the moments that keep you all alive. There are days some of you I still hate but then, I will think of the way you looked at things with childlike wonder or you ...I think of what endeared me to you in the first place, your sense of humor...I see all of you in other people at different times and it helps to ease the pain of goodbyes...although ..let me say it now I never told any of you is because I am not good at you see me now you don't and that is the way it has been since I first ran away from home at the age of twelve...looking back I see now how I really was just a child.... how I hated being bounced around and nothing was secure and I guess that is why i am the way i am now.... I look for the first excuse to run, because I knwo that caring means pain... but the song "the Dance" by Garth Brooks still says it...I could have missed the pain but I'd of had to miss the dance..... you al lin my past and those I will never speak of ..I dont forget you I look every now and again for you in photos hoping to catch a glimpse.... I hear your voice in my dreams and I always love you all that never changes...but you belong in another life, in another time and that is where you will all stay....
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And sometimes, what is painful might become a bittersweet memories. Its a part of life to have them, who knows how empty our lives would be without them... I know what you mean, have tasted every word of it. And here is a hug for that. *hugsss*

yeah ur right. Just wish memories would go away though.