I Miss Them All!!!

there are so many people that i miss from my past, but in many ways, life goes on, and its not always possible to keep everyone you want in your life and move on at the same time!!! times change and people change, and although you dont realise it at the time, sometimes when you leave friends behind, you can find even better friends as you move forward!!!

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4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

definitely, there is I think scientific proof that our memories are wrong somehow, one tends to idealize the past when in reality there's nothing better than change. It's good to think about that kind of thing as a cycle that ended and helped something else get started.

thanks for commenting guys!! its so true though, i think some people hold on to the past, cos they are too scared to move on, in case things get worse, but if you dont try to move forward and dont try to make a better life for yourself, then you wont get anywhere!!!

See..there is an example of a prize..You Dear emrldpeeps.Out of the cosmos comes a friend you'll never forget. At a point in life when I look over my shoulder, I'll see you. Hugs.

Well said. Maybe that's life's lesson. We grow and we go. We stop and look over our shoulder, the past is just that..over and done. Bitter sweet at times. All for nothing? No. Keep your eye on the prize. One step can lead you into something wonderous. Wait & see.