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Keep in mind the gestalt of romance has very little to do with loving someone, and even less to do with acts of tenderness. It’s not a love story, nor an overcomplicated soap opera of whom-got-with-whom.

A good romance is defined by a passionate desire. A want of something so near, but unattainable. It’s longing of the future or of the past and the possibilities that could never be. It’s the futility and foolishness of making oneself vulnerable, no matter what disasters may occur.

A good romance rarely ends happily, and if it grips you it has the power to melt and break your heart in the same breath.

It’s committing suicide in order to remember what it was like to live.
collegestag08 collegestag08 26-30, M 4 Responses Jan 18, 2012

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And I just read a book about the love you describe, My Ghost, by Laura Brooks. Warning, it is emotionally intense.

I agree. The kind of romance you describe is magical.

wow. I really like this. I wish this was portrayed in the media than the "love story or soap opera" lie. lol.

it use to be so nice to snuggle up to each other and kiss and play with words sometimes our mother even came in and told us to go to sleep we had to get up in a few hours<br />
<br />
<br />
life was so great then we had all these plans for our life all the thunbgs we wanted to do we had worked hard so we had the cash for school and to live on<br />
<br />
by 17 we owned our own home<br />
<br />
the viet nam came i joined navy to avoid draft not sure who covered up to get my wife in the service<br />
<br />
1/13/1967 i was shoot down by firned fire the next day my wife was killed at the age 19 walking to her office<br />
<br />
we had just spent 7 great days in japan and celabreated our 5 th anaverasar and yes we were married at the old age of 13 out of love