I Miss Good Sex

My husband and I barely have sex. Its down to about once or twice a month. I miss sex a lot, but I really miss good sex. Its been so long since I've had sex that include any kind of foreplay. My husband acts like its a chore to have sex, I can tell he is disinterested the entire time. He hasnt actually made me *** in over a year. I have to do that myself later when hes asleep or in a different room. I miss passionante sex and holding eachother after. I never thought I would have this issue. I've always been a very sexual person, so I truly thought I could keep my husband and my sex life exciting but its anything but that. I have tried several things but nothing seems to work. He just is not interested in sex, so that leaves me to take care of myself. Isn't marriage wonderful, its so wonderful I'm getting a divorce.
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that sucks I'm in a similar situation

Oh I was just going to ask if you got divorced, but I see from below, not yet. Hope things get better for you soon!!!

No, I'm not. Even though most days I'm sure I want to. I cannot take that leap yet. I guess I'm still scared.

Same here! I've felt so sure at times, but it's complicated!

That is not very fun, especially since you have only been married for 5 years

I know, it really worries about our future. If there will be one.

Well, I dont think I would end a marriage over sex, however, there are probably other issues that you are dealing with. But the lack of intamacy is a big thing, seems like you have been abandoned.

Really stinks that he does not get excited about sex, I think it is so much fun, especially the foreplay, my wife and I had our second maybe third sex session of the month, it was mind blowing for her, never seen her *** for so long before...sorry too much information...lol

I see that you do NOT have kids, if that is the case get out while you are still young. If you learn anything from this site it is that things usually only get worse. You are still young and attractive, you have no kids to keep you there so go find someone who will appreciate you. Or you can just find yourself a "FRIEND". But you can walk away without breaking up a family.

Best of luck

Thank you.

Wow well once you are divorced I hope you find someone to treat you like you deserve to be treated.Hang in there until then.

I wonder if your husband has a low male hormone level. Testosterone is responsible for the sex drive in both men and women. Low levels can lead to loss of libido. I wish the best for whatever you decide.

Thank you.

:( There is definitely a time that I just long to be held.... To be really kissed etc...... I do not know... There are many times that I just Yern for that affection and do not get it....

I'm sorry. I read the story you wrote and its very sad. But i totally understand.

The lack of intamcy hurts, but the rejection hurts more.....

I know. I've tried everything i know of but nothing works and that really hurts. My husband and I have a friendship but anymore thats it. What i dont get is he is perfectly content with our situation. I dont understand how you can be in love with someone (which he says he is) and not want to express that.

Hello....just read your story.....thats sad, whats the lateest, did you divorce him already?.....
Hope things will work out for you...

No, were still living together.... Thank you.

oh ok....and all is going good now?.....I hope it does...

No. Were just living as friends for now.

ok, thats good, good to be like that and see what is the next step.....have any kids?

No we dont have kids.

ok...well thats better if you want to leave him....much eazier.....I just added you on here plz accept....

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