Its Been Awhile

Gave it up when I got saved and decided to wait until I get married.  I have avoided ALOT of problems and "bad"men for deciding to just wait.  I don't have the problems and dramas in my life for trying to be patient.  I sit back more and watch and listen to people.  I'm more observant of things that are going around me.  Is it solely because of sex?  No, its just me getting to know myself and taking the time to get to know other people much better.  The focus isn't on myself and I concentrate on others may be feeling deeply in their hearts.  It doesn't have to be sexually to know somebody on a deeper level.  Sometimes its just being willing to listen.  Well, I'm alot wiser then before and I believe I can handle what sex truly is.  I have missed it for what it can bring and its not a dirty, bad thing.  I hope my hubbie feels the same way. 

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thanks Homie, I appreciate that and I will take what you have said and double it!! I know my prince is out there.

The greatest sex in the world, is between two people in love! Wait, and never settle.