Lost Penis Due To War Injury.

I lost my penis due to a land mine in Vietnam many years ago. Oral sex is the only sex I have been able to give women. I have found many ladies do get off quite well when given oral sex in a long sensual way. Many women do not want a man with no penis so my sex is limited.

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2 Responses Mar 19, 2010

I guess no more suckie fuckie for you GI. I no want "man" with no penis. Maybe you can lick me and prepare me for a real man. LOL

I was born without, but I find many many ways to have sex without penetration. Oral is one, but also get my wife off in many other ways that end up being just as hot (ex: thrusting pubic bone just like as if I had a penis. She says she actually like it better!) It was awkward and difficult to to tell my partners before I was married, but they understood and were mostly willing to work with the situation. They actually appreciated that I had to be creative, take my time, not take sex for granted. In many ways, I feel lucky for those struggles.