This Is A Funeral In Honor Of What Was A Good Friend Of Mine

Today, I found out that SickDreams has deleted their account. I don't know how their other friends feel about it, but I am really sad about it. I was so excited when I got on today to email them the sick dream I had last night! I wanted to read their response to the last thing I ever said to them: "so what made you join EP?" I am feeling really sad, I feel like it's my fault they're gone. SickDreams was an amazing experience project member and an amazing friend, and I wish I had copy-pasted all their stories so that we could still read them. I wonder if SickDreams hates me or hated that i asked them that and maybe I pissed them off or maybe offended them and that's why they left. I think it's all my fault. I should've stayed on last night and I should've told them I was going to get off ep for awhile to watch a movie but I didn't...

Talking to them was always so fun and exciting. SickDreams had excellent stories and wrote in a way that no one else ever could, and when they wrote narrative stories wrote really beautifully so you could perfectly imagine it. SickDreams was a provacative writer.

I wish I could've said goodbye to SickDreams.

SickDreams will never be forgotten on EP, at least by me, and SickDreams accomplished many awesome thigns during his time here on EP. At least SickDreams is in a better place now. I hope that SickDreams is looking down on us and hearing our words.

I am planting a virtual rosebush in honor of SickDreams. I don't like that laying them on the coffin makes them wilt and die.

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I think experience project moderators who might be against you need to know you are not really violent and would not in actuality hurt anyone and you don't post anything mean against one specific person but rather a collective group of a certain kind of people, not attacking one specific person. You write many meaningful and poetic things in which the shocking things therein may not be meant LITERALLY, but people often take things too literally and too seriously.<br />
So for any EP moderators watching and thinking of blocking sickdreamz for their swearing and anger, that's why you shouldn't!!!

What?sickdreams left? thanku for telling..

This is very sad to hear. It seems that the deep and true people always get driven out. *sighs*

I was thinking the same thing!

It saddens me that Sick has left. He was one of my best friends on EP. <br />
<br />
I loved reading his stories, which he insisted were "just stories" although everyone knows that stories come more or less directly from life.<br />
<br />
He was a true gentleman. I don't know if I'll stick around now that he's gone.