Oh Dear God In Heaven, I Really Need Some Of That Plant You Created !!

I've got such a bad headache right now. If i had some green to smoke i could feel so much better in my body and mind. My boyfriend and I smoked mj herb for almost 9 years. I have health problems with my body and mind. It helped me so much. We had to quit because he lost his job. I got sick and could'nt work anymore. After he lost his job, we barely could aford to live and we are still struggling. He is working now and we live from paycheck to paycheck. Just like a lot of other people. I sure could use a joint a lot of the time. I really do miss he and I smoking together on the couch, in front of the TV every night, just about. I really do miss those times. He says he don't miss it at all. The smoke ( I mean ). But I sure do ! For my health and stress. I'll have to finish my story later....sorry.....LadyVent....
ladyvent ladyvent
41-45, F
Oct 15, 2012