A Tribute To Mother

Your hands were busy through the day, You didn't have much time to play. The little games I asked you to, You never had much time to do. You'd wash my clothes, sew and cook, And when I brought my picture book And asked you to share my fun, You'd say: "A little later, hun." You tucked me in all safe at night, Hear my prayers, turn out the light. Then tiptoe softly to the door. I wish you'd stayed a moment more. For life is short, the years rush past, A little girl grows up so fast. No longer are you at my side, My precious secrets to confide. The picture books are put away, There are no longer games to play, No good night kiss, no prayers to hear. That all belongs to yester-year. Your hands once busy, now lie still. The days are long and hard to fill. I wish we could go back and do..... The little things I asked you to. But that's ok, cause I love you still. I always did and I always will.-----This is the "original" poem of "My Son Grow's Up." Someone took 95% of her words and changed it to "my son." Since she had 2 sons' later in life, the original author is thankful to this unknown person, who changed the words. Her Mother has the original "hand written" copy of the poem. "To have my Mother and my Sons' related in the same poem is delightful"-(Mary Ann LoSchiavo/Barbuto 1961). I only just found the original words to this poem earlier this evening, while checking the credits. I never knew it was originally written for a Mother. I was very ill and almost died as an infant. I was adopted as a result of this. While I have been treated quite terribly by my adoptive family, my Mother had to care for me around the clock as an infant and small child. I was taken from them for 3 months at the age of 4 and then returned. One thing I do know, blood is not always thicker than water. This woman loved me more than anything in her entire world. I lost her to lung cancer when I was 16 years old......I Miss Some Things Mom. All My Love DFR-L 6/3/31-9/1/88
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*I am crying* Thank you SO much sweetie, that is just beautiful! It touched my heart, perhaps even my soul....Did you write that? Wow! (((((HUGZ)))))

Thank you Allissa. Twelve is so young...I'm sorry for your loss sweetie. It's great that you still have those wonderful, loving memorie's with your Mom! xxxHUGZxxx

This story almost made me cry. I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother back in 2003, when I was just 12. Reading the poem made me think back to all those little things she did... always busy, but never busy enough to love her kids <br />
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Thank you Destiney24. Yes, they are your children just the same! It take's an incredible person with such a loving heart to foster/adopt these children and give them a chance at a life that they may not have had otherwise. Adoption is an extremely emotional topic for me, my only daughter is also adopted. Though 2 totally different situations, I am my birth parent's only daughter as well. Another huge difference is that I suffer every single day of my life because she isn't with me. My birth mother could care less for me...and I was born on Mother's Day! I think this makes it much harder on me. I'm grateful for the pain though as she was a preemie and almost died. I wouldn't be here typing this right now if she had. I'll gladly wait for her...........Dear God what have I done.......

Aww, you are the sweetest! It is I who should be rocking and singing you to sleep! You have the biggest heart out of anyone I have ever known in my entire life. What a blessing you are to me! I love you dearly Baby Girl!

*crying* Thank You, that is so beautiful. Did you write this? Dearest Little Princess, I don't know what I ever did to deserve your friendship. I embrace and cherish it with all of my heart. Thank You for everything, especially your understanding...I love you!!!