I Miss...

 I miss being foolish enough not to see how short time with the people that I care about really was...

I miss my parents "ignorance" (that they amazingly outgrew once I had kids of my own!). 

I miss driving with my kids and pretending I "forgot" how to get somewhere and having them "direct" me, while I acted like I was going to turn at wrong places...

I miss their laughter and their tears...a life filled with awe and wonder at each new day as seen through the eyes of a child that looked to ME for all the answers to the questions their innocence produced, like, "Mommy, how does God hold up the stars? Do you think he tapes them?"

I miss owning a home where my parents were just across the street- first so they could help me when I was young and then, so I could help them when they were older...

I miss friends and family that died far too young and that I never got the chance to tell how much I loved them and how much I admired them.

I miss being carefree and egotistical enough to believe that I would be young forever and that somehow my life would make a difference, if not to the world, then to those who knew me...Then I realized my kids are my greatest accomplishment - the difference I have made in this world that will remain when I am gone.

I miss the children that they were, but I am proud of the adults they have become. I tell them that, too. I missed the chance to tell too many other people just how important they were to me, but my children will never have to wonder just how much I love them, and they know that, as far as I am concerned, not only am I proud of each of them, I consider them my greatest accomplishment.

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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

What a wonderful sweet/bittersweet story....and you were so right..you did make that great accomplishment...raising your children to be the best they can be.<br />
I wish I saw this story back in Feb. when you wrote it.