I Never Thought...

that this could possibly be true and happen...but I have definitely been proven wrong...missing someone you have never met...it can hurt just as much if not more!!!
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I know how you feel

If your connection is strong it may hurt more, because you long for the physical connection too. So true!

I totally understand that, its like you are more then apart, its like disconnected.

Yes it can. I never would have thought it possible if I wasn't experiencing it myself. Even though I have never met the person I miss..the pain is there everyday.

therein lies the essential power and truth of a site like EP ... the power to be affected by someone we've never met ... I am constantly amazed and impressed by this.

Its true..I never would have thought this could be..but I have been proven very wrong!!

yes, it is ... and there are hundreds of people on here who feel the same way I'm sure. ((hugs))

Oh how I have been there a thousand times. Your heart gets caught in the emotion of getting to know someone and then they are gone. No word of why but they are gone. My experience from earlier this year was probably the most painful. We had become so close with thoughts and exchanges of ideas. Being there for each other to help express joy and heartache. Then in a matter of days something went wrong, no because of us, and she was gone. She is still part of my thoughts and I know she still has my email address. I had never seen her face, except for her eyes, and only got to listen to her voice once.

I once thought too that was impossible, how could a person miss someone they only come to know through words and pictures. But these people become real not because we were able to share a movie or a meal together, but because we shared so many thoughts and ideas without the intrusion of things like movies or meals. <br />
<br />
Anyway I know what you're going through, there is somebody here I miss more than anything in the world and would give anything if things were different so I could once again be part of their life.

When we miss someone we have never met, it means they have broken through to our real life world. They have become a real somebody to us. If we don't have the were-with-all to meet them, we surely do miss them. I have several friends here that I seriously do want to see face to face. But it would take a world trip to do it. :-(

It is so very very true!!And it grows!!!