I'm Not Alone.

I just fell for someone last month after being alone for nearly a decade.That said,I don't mind my alone time-I tend to be a quiet person.But in my last relationship I thought she was THE ONE and asked her to marry me.That didn't happen but we parted as civilized adults and still talk a few times a year.
Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2012.I replied to an ad with a girl who was somewhat close(300 miles)I live in a very remote area with an elderly population,most of whom are conservative:(
I have also dated very little recently due to family,home and medical concerns(all resolved)
I fell for her and she seemed to have everything going for her.We agreed to meet in January. Then she told me she was taking a job 2200 miles away.For several reasons I cannot follow her out there.It is a fabulous opportunity for her and I'm happy for her but sad for me.
She will be returning locally in both Feb. and March for a wedding and an anniversary .
Should I still hold out hope?
Thanks for reading.
jjb6560 jjb6560
46-50, M
Jan 6, 2013