Never Met,...... But Always Missed.

We met on a site similar to this one. We enjoyed chatting online, and texting each other when we weren't near our computers. She lived in WV, me in NJ. Both of us married with kids, with spouses that kept their distance. She described herself as a ' Hippy-chick' and was 15 yrs younger than me. Our topics of conversation covered a broad spectrum and we shared a love of music, she burned a few cd's for me and sent them to my work so they wouldn't be found. I play thenm to this day and miss her with some memories of certain songs. She was a singer, not professionally, but in a small local trio and church. I loved to listen to her sing.

Our respective 'real' lives got the better of us and our emals grew fewer and longer between sending/ receiving. I'll never find a better friend than the one I never met in person.

I miss you Andrea, I hope all is well in your life ~

~ j
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..... agreed.

Life sucks sometimes.