It's So Unfair

Well it has not been long since i signed up for EP, i was on the verge of losing myself, i had been thru many hardships, and i hardly came thru, EP was a desperate move to find someone that wud understand me ... Well, someone found me, his name is Danny, he's a couple of years older than me, he's amazing, he is so kind and so sweet, he takes care of me, and he gives me a lot of self-confidence, and like whenever i have something goin on and dunno what to do, he always has the right answers =D he's so beautiful, to me his gorgeous =D now, he's my best freind of all, i can totally be myself with him, and i tell him exactly how i feel and all, nobody makes me happy like he does, like for instance he's kinda busy today, and i'm barely holdin on with havin him talkin to me =D but well everybody has his life yeah ? =D but here's the thing, Danny lives half-way across the Globe, it's so unfair so unfair, i never actually met him and there's no one that ever was i wanted to be with more than i wanna be with him, i miss him so much, and though i know we haven't met a long time ago, we became so intimate, i just miss him so much and dunno what to do ... it kills me :'(
dukedukedevlin dukedukedevlin
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Have you guys had a video chat? Have you actually seen him on video?

I am just asking this because, I got emotionally invovled with someone who said he lived in America and I live in Australia, I met him on EP, but he kept on making excuses for not to have a video chat. It turned out that all of his profile pictures were fake and I was a victim of cat fishing. It broke me into millions of pieces!

I just wanted to make sure that it doesnt happen with anyone else. I hope you know who danny really is!