No One To Love

they say that there is a match for everyone, but I don't think they meant me. I would love to meet someone who thought I was of value.

I don't think he's out there though, all the guys I know want the same thing. They get it and discard me...
antina9056 antina9056
36-40, F
3 Responses Jan 17, 2013

By no means do I mean to offend You.I only want to suggest that You do not settle for a man You even think will have his pleasure and say good bye.I am way more likely to fall for a lady who will make Me wait,and show Me that She is confident.and comfortable with who she is.However thats just Me,I cant speak for all Men.Some of Us never grow up.

thats why i don't let them get close enough to me

I'm still available. I'm a good guy who just got divorced cause my then wife could not stay faithful to me cause of her mom. Been divorced now for a few years.. looking for somthing loving lasting I want to even remarry a faithful gal this time. Write me lets talk.