I Sometimes Dream Of You

Dear Amy;
I sometimes dream of you. I dream of what might have been. In my dream I see you doing something to our Christmas tree through our front window I can see Tabitha and Berlyn playing at your feet and Marrilyn is helping you. I stare in the window for what seems like a very long time. Then you see me standing out there, your face lights up as you move to meet me at the door. I can hear the girls and you doing something by the door but, when the door opens its just light and no more sound just bight bight light. I wake up devastated in such a pitiful state of despair that a melancholy and malcontent disposition plagues me throughout the day. Most of the time I just push through as you know I tend to do but, some days, today being one of those days. I find it very difficult to contend with such a formidable foe as that of this cruel and unyielding fate.
Love Seth;
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Jan 1, 2013